National Coaches Week

Coach shouting encouraging words at athletes

Celebrating Our Coaches and All They Do

National Coaches Week is a time to celebrate the positive impact coaches have on athletes and communities across Canada. This annual national campaign is an opportunity for thousands of Canadians recognize coaches for the integral role they play, for their time, effort, and generosity, and to take time to say #ThanksCoach.

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How You Can Take Part

  1. Explore the Participation Guide: The National Coaches Week Participation Guide contains everything you need to make National Coaches Week a success for your coach, team, and organization. Browse the Marketing Toolkit for a better view of the available material.
  2. Enjoy FREE or discounted NCCP education: This National Coaches Week we’re saying #ThanksCoach with FREE eLearning. Each day throughout National Coaches Week, we’re highlighting free multi-sport eLearning modules to support coaches in continuing their Professional Development. Log in daily to the Locker to get started!

The Schedule

Thursday, Sept 21 

NCCP Coaching Athletes with a Disability

Friday, Sept 22 

NCCP Leading Drug Free Sport

Saturday, Sept 23 

Mental Health in Sport*

Sunday, Sept 24 

Support Through Sport*

Note: The paid eLearning modules must be initiated on the day indicated above to take advantage of the free offer.

*These eLearning modules are available for free throughout the year.

Connect with your local P/TCR, or National Sport Organization to learn more about their National Coaches Week events, or log into the Locker to access specific eLearning modules for free from September 16- 24, 2023.

  1. Say #ThanksCoach on social media: Follow National Coaches Week on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #CoachesWeek and #ThanksCoach. You can search in the Instagram for the "National Coaches Week' GIF, available in the platform's library, to celebrate this week.
  2. Join a community event: Organize a community event to say #ThanksCoach, or join one taking place in your province or territory. Connect with your local P/TCR or National Sport Organization to learn more about their National Coaches Week events.

In addition to using the #ThanksCoach hashtag online during National Coaches Week, we encourage all athletes, participants, parents and friends to say 'Thanks, Coach!’ in real life too – all year round!