Quality Sport Workshops and Resources

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A successful, positive experience in sport and physical activity can ensure participants at all levels choose to stay active for life. Quality programming is developmentally appropriate, safe, inclusive, and well-run.

The goal of Quality in Sport programing is to create positive experiences in supportive environments. Ultimately, if sport participation and physical activity isn’t fun, progressive, positive, or welcoming, participants will likely not continue to participate.

Successful programs are purposefully and appropriately designed with a participant focus. They are run by responsible, trained coaches and leaders, and are successful through assistance from knowledgable parents and supportive partners. The welcoming nature of these programs should evoke feelings of inclusivity, fun, fairness, and safety.

Quality in Sport Workshops & Resources

Keeping Girls in Sport

Women in Sport

Respect Group Inc. | Harassment + Abuse Online Prevention Training

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NCCP Coaching Athletes with a Disability

Athletes with a Disability


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Sport for Life

Athletes with a Disability

Training Athletes with a Physical Disability



All Youth Matter – Youth Inclusion Training


BC Healthy Living Alliance

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Building Inclusive Sport | viaSport

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Count Us In


Inclusion Workshop

Contact Whistler Sport Legacies

Autism Workshop



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Physical Literacy

Resources and Services

Physical literacy is the gateway to physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Developing and maintaining physical literacy is a lifelong process from early to senior years. Contact us if you are a coach, teacher, caregiver, volunteer or community leader and you:

  • Would like to hire a physical literacy champion to train and educate your staff
  • Would like assistance in delivering physical literacy programming
  • Would like resources to implement Physical Literacy principles within your organization, your programs, classrooms or communities
  • Are looking for professional development courses and access to physical literacy resources
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Whistler Sport Legacies is also a member of Sea to Sky Moves, a shared community initiative to improve the development of physical literacy in the Sea to Sky corridor, and increase overall physical activity of all ages to positively impact the residents' health and wellbeing.

More Resources

Resources are also available at physicalliteracy.ca, a collaboration of Sport for Life Society and Physical Literacy for Life.

Help bring the benefits of Physical Literacy to your community. With improved physical and emotional wellbeing, cognitive ability and overall good health, everyone thrives.

Teaching Games for Understanding

Via Sport Workshops & Resources

Move to Play: Physical Literacy Activities | viaSport

Take Coach Training - Enhance Your Skills | viaSport